Thursday, February 16, 2017

Thought you might be interested Thursday: Civic engagement redux

Interested in civic engagement?   Empowerment?   Activism?   Organizing?

Read What does the new civic engagement look like? to learn how and why people who are becoming (more) engaged and "(w)hat’s going through their heads right now".

You'll read about young and old, starting with Jennifer Gathright.

Jennifer Gathright, a recent college graduate, describes her inner life since the election as such: '[beyond feeling young], I have been wracked with another overwhelming feeling: a yearning to know where to put myself. I think this political moment should force me to change my life, but I’m not quite sure how yet.' She's marching forward while feeling stuck, and in the meantime, making commitments with her friends about the world they want to help create.

Follow The Development Set to read more about the new civic engagement.

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