Friday, February 17, 2017

February 28: Five Global Challenges and the Role of University

Tune in at Noon on Tuesday, February 28 to hear Juan Carlos De Martin and Charlie Nesson, both with Berkman Klein Center, the former Faculty Associate and the latter founder, talk about the role of University in the face of five global challenges (democratic, environmental, technological, economical, and geopolitical).

Hear the masters of the University ― Nesson who has studied "the role of University in cyberspace" and De Martin who studies "the role of Unive rsity in society" ― discuss which of the five global challenges are the most important and the ways that University can adapt to better serve people and the planet.   De Martin will undoubtedly talk about how, if "University truly wants to maximize its social utility, it needs... to critically question the last 30 years of its development and re-discover its roots, updating them for the 21st century."   This is what he argues in his book 'Universit√† Futura' (Codice Edizioni, Italy, 2017).

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