Wednesday, January 11, 2017

TA: The value of and need for a style guide

Jill Lipski Cain, researcher, writes about the value of style guides in DVR TIG Week: Jill Lipski Cain on A Style Guide to Success.   According to Lipski, a style guide is "a plan for how all of these bits and pieces would create a semblance of a whole."   And rather than sweating over the layout and overall concept at the 11th hour, Lipski suggests creating a style guide.

Lipski's recommendations are certainly valuable but I suggest we step back a bit.   Start with an organizational style guide.   This guide is for grammar and writing style.   The grammar/writing style guide supplements an industry tome, such as the Chicago or AP guides.

When that is done, create a design guide.   CrackerJack Marketer, for example, suggests:

  • Logo Guide – Guide for size, colorization, and proper placement.
  • Color Scheme – Specific primary and secondary colors and combinations.
  • Font Guide – What typestyles to use, and when they’re appropriate.

Need a place to start?   Take a look at Richard Nordquist's style guide (reference work).

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