Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Remember and retell your history

Marya McQuirter, a local historian and native Washingtonian, is embarking on dc1968, a digital project commemorating the 50th anniversary of 1968, an incredibly important year in the U.S. and globally.   The purpose of the project is to celebrate and recognize the individuals and organizations in the District of Columbia who helped make 1968 such a memorable and transformational year.

The dc1968 website will feature content for each day in 2018.   Content will be by and about DC residents and organizations.   McQuirter is crowdsourcing content for dc1968 and will rely on social media to collect and share ideas.   She is counting on Washingtonians and others to share their photographs, home movies, etc. that highlight a person, organization, or event in 1968.

You can also suggest people, organizations and events that should be covered.   Was there a city-wide swim meet that your school won in 1968?   Were you a member of a Girl Scout troop that hiked along the Anacostia River?   Did you hear Martin Luther King, Jr. speak at the National Cathedral on March 31?   If so, she would love to talk with you about these and other stories.

McQuirter also invites secondary school teachers and university professors to contact her about having their students work on the project.

So far, McQuirter has learned that:

  1. the Workshops for Careers in the Arts (now Duke Ellington High School) by Peggy Cooper Cafritz and Mike Malone was founded in June at George Washington University
  2. Drum & Spear Bookstore was founded by Charlie Cobb, Courtland Cox, Curtis Hayes & Judy Richardson on June 1
  3. a support group for Parents of Hippies at Thomas Episcopal Church was held on January 2
  4. the Teenarama Dance Club was shown on WOOK-TV on Monday January 1
  5. the Washington Performing Arts Society held a concert conducted by Leonard Bernstein on Sunday, September 29 at Constitution Hall

Do you have ideas?   Do you want more information about the project?   Connect with Marya McQuirter via email,, or Twitter, @maryamcquirter.

Image: Ákos Rappay,

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