Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thought you might be interested Thursday: Kids cook for charity

"The Backyard Restaurant was born over an innocent glass of lemonade at our small blue cafĂ© table with our then 7-year-old son Adam who thought it might be cool to have a summer restaurant instead of a lemonade stand. We didn’t understand what we were getting into when we told Adam, 'Sure!' He immediately went inside, drafted a menu, set the prices and drew a logo. So we set the date and invited the neighbors."

Five years later, the backyard restaurant is going strong, raising money and teaching young and old all manner of important life lessons.   Learn more about the lessons in How My 7-Year-Old Son Started a Backyard Restaurant for Charity.

Want to do a backyard restaurant of your own?   Message the Keels to receive step-by-step instructions and much more!

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