Tuesday, October 4, 2016

It's budget development time! Here's the #dcfy18 sked

FY 2018 budget development kicks off October 14.   As of today, here are the deadlines for the remainder of the process:
  • Tier 1 agency budget submissions to OBP ― November 4
  • Tier 2 agency budget submission to OBP ― November 17
  • Tier 3 agency budget submission to OBP ― November 29
  • ORA issues revised revenue estimate ― February (TBD)
  • Final decisions on the Mayor's Operating policy budget (pencils down) ― (TBD)
  • Operating "Pencils Down" for Budget Administration ― (TBD)
  • Final Financial Plan and Budget Request Act ― (TBD)
  • Mayor submits FY 2018 Proposed Budget and Financial Plan to council ― (TBD)

Read FY 2018 Operating Budget Tier Submission Schedule to learn the deadline for each agency.

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