Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Twitter character count changes in effect

From AdWeek's September 20 Morning Media Newsfeed:
Sept. 19 arrived, and so did the previously announced tweaks to Twitter’s 140-character limit. (SocialTimes)

The 140-character limit for tweets will only include text—as in letters, numbers, symbols or spaces. It's also letting you become a little more multimedia-happy. In the past, photos, GIFs, videos and polls counted against the 140 allotted characters, crunching one's ability to write. Now, Twitter users will be able to add such imagery without limiting the volume of their prose. (Adweek)

In addition, Twitter is starting to test changes to the way replies work. Previously, users had to include the name of the person they were replying to, which again counted against the tweet’s character limit. With Twitter’s upcoming reply changes, users will be able to reply to a number of users without adding individual user names to the actual tweets. However, those changes won’t be widely available just yet, and Twitter is cautioning users that some of their tweets "appear to cut off" during this time of testing. (Variety)

Twitter announced these changes back in May. (Recode)

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