Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Better, broader communications to engage residents in Ward 7 and Ward 8

A year or two ago, several Ward 7 residents came together to do something about the generally poor communications among residents and with those outside this part of DC.   The result was Ward 7 Communication Channels.   This online spreadsheet started out as and continues to be crowdsourced (hint: use it and add changes as needed).   It contains: Where neighborhoods are online; SMDs; ANC online discussion lists and websites; community electronic newsletters; physical distribution locations; houses of worship; and free and affordable space.

When Ward 7 Communication Channels was being developed, the Ward 7 residents and East Bank DC got together to create an online calendar of events taking place in Wards 7 and 8.   The calendar, Wards 7 and 8 Community Calendar, contains on-going events (think Honfleur Gallery and Anacostia Museum), events taking place over several months (think Friday Night Fishing and farmer's markets), and one-time events (think #Readsistance: 2nd Annual Read and Feed and the East of the River Book Festival).

Every day, organizations and individuals contribute content to the calendar.   But more events are taking place than are on the calendar.   It's easy and free to contribute; how-to details are on the calendar page.

Publishing on the calendar is not enough.   @Ward7Outreach and @Ward8Outreach tweet the calendar events every day.   In addition, I post the weekly highlights and weekend events on Facebook on the The Greater Ward 7 and The Great Ward 8.

Last but not least: I have just launched Ward 8 Communication Channels; it has the same tabs as the Ward 7 version but all empty save for the houses of worship (needs much work).   Do you have information to share to make communicating with all residents of Ward 8 happen?   Please add!

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