Friday, July 29, 2016

Update your media list: WUSA's Roane demoted

From DCRTV July 27:
Andrea Roane Downgraded At 9 - 7/27 - From DCRTV's Wednesday Mailbag: "So it looks like WUSA-TV management is trying to cull the herd, so to speak. Andrea Roane (right), with 34 years at the station as an anchor and reporter, has been waiting for over two years for the station to negotiate a new contract with her. Now they have, and it ain't good news. Andrea has been removed as the co-anchor of the 'Wake Up Washington,' and has been relegated to doing only the noon show. And, with this demotion comes a dramatic cut in pay. It looks like the station is trying to save money to hire a few more former Miss (enter the name of the state here) beauty pageant queens, and increase their profit margins in the process. While [station manager/news director] Bill Lord is thought to have a penchant for hiring the young, cute, and perky, he's missed the boat on this one. Ms. Roane's years of service to the station and the community have distinguished her as a real professional, working among the relative newbies that have proliferated over the past several years. She has weathered many storms in that den of journalistic iniquity, and come out still smiling with nary a complaint, publicly anyway. WUSA/Gannett/Tenga are very lucky that Andrea doesn't seem to be the litigious sort. That could get very ugly, and revealing. So it looks like her co-anchor Mike Hydeck will soon have another of Bill Lord's bevy of female Facebook reporters to share the set with. Hopefully they will regret this move, and lament the loss of such a professional presence in that seat. If not, they are dumber than they appear".....

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  1. I was worried this "move" was the reason she's been absent. I've since switched to News Channel 8 for the a.m. news. Andrea is total class and was the reason I watched WUSA9 at all.


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