Tuesday, July 5, 2016

How are DC government agencies doing? Read these DC auditor reports.

Reports from the DC Auditor keep coming.   Releases since March include (in no order):
  • Review of Sustainable Energy and Energy Assistance Trust Funds (June 20, 2016): Two of the findings (from the executive summary):
    As pointed out by the Public Service Commission, funds in the SETF and EATF are not tax dollars but surcharges added to the monthly bills and collected from District utility consumers for the specific purpose of funding clean and affordable energy initiatives.

    DOEE does not have a process and controls in place to verify the accuracy of the funds provided by the utility companies.

  • Customer Service Tests of Seven Large Agencies Show Mixed Results (June 27, 2016): ODCA testers sought assistance from seven agencies: 311 Operations Division (part of the Office of Unified Communications), Office of the Chief Financial Officer, Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, Metropolitan Police Department, D.C. Public Schools, Department of Human Services, and Department of Public Works.   Several of the findings (from the executive summary):
    Overall performance of the seven agencies in responding to customer service inquiries was generally fair to good.

    The failure to respond to telephone and e-mail messages was the main cause of poor performance.

    The inconsistency of customer service at the seven agencies was reflected by varying responses to telephone and e-mail requests about the same subject.

  • The District of Columbia Voter File: Compliance with Law and Best Practices (June 7, 2016): ODCA assessed how well the Board of Elections maintained the voter registration file and voter registration policies and practices so the office could determine BOE's compliance with various local and federal laws.   Problems, problems everywhere.
  • DYRS Can Strengthen the Management of DC YouthLink, Community-Based Residential Facilities, and Performance Reporting (March 27, 2016): ODCA found both positive and negative in their evaluation.   Areas to improve include revising cost structure to allocate more money to services, improving oversight of Community Based Residential Facilities by modifying Human Care Agreements, and retrict users to case management system to ensure only those with the need to access records can.

UPDATE 7/5/16 8:45a: Links added.

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