Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thought you might be interested Thursday: Advice for new parents

The advice given by Raquel D'Apice of The Ugly Volvo in 10 Things You Absolutely Need When Bringing Home a Newborn Juxtaposed With Images of Things You Will Probably Not Need is genius.

The don't-needs include milestone stickers ("These stickers are adorable (and super helpful if your 9-month-old is in Pharma sales but otherwise you can live without them.)"), belly casting kit, Baby Bullet ("Not denying that this is adorable but it appeared to just be a small blender with a smiley face on it and is there a reason you can’t just draw a face on the blender you already have at home?"), and a banana saver.

Some of the must-haves are humility, patience, tenacity, a sense of humor, and perspective.

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