Tuesday, June 21, 2016

More online learning apps and websites

Interested in learning something?   A skill, information?   Read The 49 best free websites and apps to learn something new.   Some of what you will find on this list in the categories of online courses, get healthier, coding, languages, career and social skills, making things, general information (facts, etc.), and fun stuff.
  • CourseBuffet curates online courses offered by universities from efforts such as Udemy
  • Free Code Camp teaches coding and helps nonprofits at the same time
  • HelloHealthy posts weight loss and fitness articles
  • Busuu is a language-learning tool with which users can interact with native speakers
  • Makezine is an online magazine for makers of all manner of things
  • Zidbits has an insanely large collection of articles on (mostly) scientific topics
  • Pianu does what the name suggests, it teaches the piano online

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