Wednesday, June 1, 2016

DC Auditor report on ANCs, their finances, and their internal operational challenges

Interested in ANCs, good government, or the evaluation of local government?   Read the May 19 report from the DC Auditor, Fiscal Year 2015 Annual Report on Advisory Neighborhood Commissions.

What you will find in the report relate to the FY 2015 financial activities of the city's 40 ANCs:

  • Total Funds Maintained by all ANCs as of September 30, 2015
  • FY 2015 Categories of Increases and Decreases in Expenditures
  • Summary of Receipts and Disbursements: FYs 2006 - 2015
  • FY 2015 Disbursement Summary by Ward and Category
  • FY 2015 Percentage of Available Funds Spent
  • ANC Savings Account Balances as of September 30, 2015
  • Allocation of the $677,688.00 FY 2015 ANC Appropriation
  • Summary of FY 2015 Quarterly Receipts and Disbursements

Readers will also find these tidbits (in the order they appear in the report):

"For FY 2016, ODCA reduced the number of expenditure categories from 24 to 9 and this change will be reflected in next year’s annual report. We felt that requiring ANC Commissioners to assign their expenses to 24 different categories was excessive and did not provide enough benefit to warrant the time spent recording and reviewing the data. The goal for the reduction in categories is to ease the administrative burden on ANC Commissioners while still providing useful information to citizens, the Council, and the executive agencies of the District of Columbia."

"Each year, we continue to find a significant number of ANCs who are not properly reconciling their checking accounts and quarterly reports. As a result, ANCs often report incorrect beginning and ending balances on their quarterly reports. For purposes of this annual report, ODCA used each ANC’s October 1, 2014 bank statement balance as the starting point for Appendix VI, the Summary of FY 2015 Quarterly Receipts and Disbursements."

Direct questions about the report to Anovia Daniels, Communications Analyst, via email,

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