Friday, June 24, 2016

Census' data summer camps (webinars)

If data is your thing, check out the Educational Resources on the Census website.   This resource is full of summer camp offerings for adults now through mid-September.   A sample of offerings:
  • June 23, Where to Find Business & Economic Data on
  • June 28, A Closer Look at Same-Sex Couples and Families in America
  • July 1, Age Search
  • July 12, Measuring America Series – An Overview on Asian Population Statistics
  • July 20, Increasing your Competitive Advantage- New Tools to Access Regional Economic Development Data from the U.S. Census Bureau
  • August 2, Data on a Deadline: Quick Data Tools & Interactive Maps
  • August 4, Get The Knack Of The Census Tract: Learn the history, usefulness, and how to get tract data
  • August 19, Your Community by the Numbers: Race, Ethnicity, Ancestry, and Foreign-Born Populations
  • August 25, Introduction to the American Community Survey
  • September 13, Measuring America Series – An Overview on Children Statistics

Shout-out to DC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy for sharing this important resource.

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