Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Poor connectivity makes every day a challenge for low-income children and families

Berkman Center's Under-connected in America: How Lower-Income Families Respond to Digital Equity Challenges will be live streamed Tuesday, May 17 at Noon.   Tune in for this important discussion.

Background on the issue:

While 94% of parents raising school-age children below the U.S. median household income have an Internet connection, more than half are “under-connected,” in that their Internet connection is too slow, has been interrupted in the past year due to non-payment, and/or they share their Internet-connected devices with too many people. Katz will discuss how being under-connected impacts the everyday lives of lower-income parents and children, how parents assess the risks and rewards that connectivity can offer their children, and the implications of under-connectedness for policy development and program reform. She draws from two linked datasets of lower-income parents with school-age (grades K-8) children that she has collected since 2013: in-depth interviews with 336 parents and children in three states, and a telephone survey of 1,191 parents—the first nationally representative survey of this U.S. demographic.

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