Sunday, May 22, 2016

May 24: Are we shifting to a new post-capitalist value regime?

Berkman Center's Are we shifting to a new post-capitalist value regime? will be live streamed Tuesday, May 24 at Noon.   Tune in for this important discussion.   According to the P2P Foundation's publication What Does the P2P Foundation Do? (PDF),
P2P dynamics are most visible today in the many communities and movements self-organising around the co-creation of culture and knowledge. Some of the most well known examples are: Creative Commons, Free Software and Open Source, Open Access in education and science, Wikipedia, Open Data, Open Government and Free Culture.

These communities, values and practices are now also increasingly present in the world of physical production through Open Design, the Sharing Economy and Co-Working in Hacker/Maker spaces and Fab Labs.

These movements represent a cultural shift towards new kinds of democratic and economic participation that we believe are sowing the seeds for a more sustainable and democratic future.

P2P can be characterized by the presence of open, participatory processes of production and governance for the creation of common goods...

Why this matters: It's not clear, to me at least, how low-income and/or marginalized communities will be full participants in this new world order.

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