Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Great idea, great service, honor to all

Katie Prior started Youth Trumpet & Taps Corps to honor veterans.   Her organization was featured on ABC News May 30; watch the ABC News video.   According to the organization website,
The Youth Trumpet & Taps Corps is a service organization for high school trumpet players who use their musical gifts to honor military veterans. Our main project is volunteering to sound Taps at veterans' funerals when a professional military bugler is not available. Out of respect for service to our country, we feel that veterans' final honors are more worthy of a live rendition of our National Song of Remembrance.

There's also this YouTube video by US Cellular of Prior and Trumpet and Taps:

There are no state affiliations in DC, Maryland, or Virginia.

Update May 31, 5:50p: Video replaced with one that would play. Link to ABC added.

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