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Storified: April 29 DCR Tweets

Opioid abuse/treatment gets boost from Janney/Cregg at White House

DCist wrote about Janney's visit to the White House press briefing room:

Janney wasn't just reliving her days as Cregg walking and talking down halls of power. She used her few minutes at the podium to bring attention to country's opioid epidemic. This is related to her current role as a recovering addict on the TV show Mom. (She even waved to the show's creator Chuck Lorre, who was sitting in on the briefing.)

Friday, April 29, 2016

I Spy: May 2 leg meeting media briefing notice

April 29: Medal of Honor awardee remembered with new, correct headstone at St. Es

On Friday, April 29 at 11:00 am, local and federal leaders will unveil the new headstone at the grave of Joseph B. Noil, a Medal of Honor recipient buried for decades in the Saint Elizabeths Hospital cemetery under a misspelled name (Joseph B. Noel).   Don Morfe, who researches and photographs Medal Of Honor Recipient gravesites, discovered the grave (plot: East Campus, Section 3, Row 3, Site 535).

Honoring Noil will be Dr. Tanya A. Royster, Director of the Department of Behavioral Health; Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton; Director of the Mayor's Office of Veterans Affairs Tammi Lambert; officials from the Embassy of Canada; and representatives of the U.S. Coast Guard, the U.S. Navy, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Noil received the honor for saving Boatswain J. C. Walton from drowning while serving on board the U.S.S. Powhatan at Norfolk, 26 December 1872.   Noil was a Seaman at the time.   Noil is one of the 90 African Americans awarded the Medal of Honor.   To date, 3,470 medals have been awarded.

Noil continued to serve in the U.S. Navy with distinction, rising to the ranking of Captain of the Hold, serving on the U.S.S. Wyoming.   According to Wikipedia's Joseph B. Noil article,

Joseph B. Noil enlisted in the Navy from New York; when he re-enlisted for a three-year hitch on December 29, 1874, he was described as thirty-four years old, born in Nova Scotia and a "Negro". His civilian occupation was as a caulker, and he was five feet, six inches tall.[1]

In 1881, Noil was admitted to Saint Elizabeths Hospital with paralysis.   He died March 21, 1882.

Noil emigrated from Nova Scotia, Canada.   He enlisted in the Navy in 1871. [Updated enlistment date 4/29, 10a]

To participate, go to the Saint Elizabeths Hospital Cemetery (1100 Alabama Ave SE); enter the cemetery on Bruce Pl SE.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Emergency Bill Status Report for May 3 leg meeting

Emergency Bill Status Report May 3 2016 Leg Meeting

Flashback: April 2003 Trust budget hearing

Ward 8 CM Sandy Allen, Chair of the Committee on Human Services, opening statement at the Trust's FY 2004 budget hearing, Wednesday, April 09, 2003, in part:
Additionally, the board of the Trust will have to roll up their sleeves and embarks on an aggressive fund raising campaign, in order to continue to support those programs that are currently funded, as well as future grantees.

Never happened.

Update: Title updated 4/28, 9p.

Mayor Bowser's #dcfy17 errata letter (unsigned)

FY 2016-2017 Errata Ltr Final Unsigned

Thought you might be interested Thursday: Well-Being, economics and policy

On February 4, the DC Environmental Network (DCEN) held the event "DCEN Networking Event: Beyond GNP? What Well-Being Can Contribute to Economics & Policy."   The purpose of the event was to consider a new way of looking at, thinking about the intersection of well-being, happiness, economics, and public policy.

Carol Graham, Leo Pasvolsky Senior Fellow in Global Economy and Development at the Brookings Institution and Professor at the University of Maryland's School of Public Policy, played a leading role at the event.   She briefed attendees on the emerging trend of measuring happiness and its role in economic progress.

At the meeting, DCEN announced it

will be launching a new campaign to convince the DC government to start its own well-being index project. We believe this approach could show policy makers more clearly how incorporating sustainability principles into decision making may be a more effective strategy for creating happy and healthy communities in the District of Columbia.

Review Graham's presentation (PDF).

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

DC government loses a good one

Here's more from Matt on the new gig:

I'm also very excited about my new opportunity! Starting May 9, I'll be joining the White House, specifically the U.S. CIO's team, as a Digital Services Expert. I'll be working on national tech policy, and you better believe I'll be bringing the lessons I've learned here [in DC government at OCTO], and your collective wisdom, along with me.

All the best, Matt!

Council adds meetings to, cancels one hearing on #dcfy17 budget schedule

The Council of the District of Columbia has again updated the FY 2017 budget sked.   The April 27 version (PDF) makes these changes:
April 29: (Add-on) Committee of the Whole - Council Chamber-Room 500 (FY 2016 Second Revised Budget Request Emergency Adjustment Act of 2016, FY 2016 Second Revised Budget Request Temporary Adjustment Act of 2016, and the FY 2016 Second Revised Budget Request Emergency Declaration Resolution of 2016)


May 11: Budget Work Session - Conference Room 502 (9:00am-Noon & 2:00pm- 6:00pm)

In addition, the schedule has been modified to remove the Committee on Health & Human Services' budget hearing on the Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation.   As reported in Mismanagement has bankrupted a D.C. nonprofit, endangering programs for at-risk youths, board members say, Brenda Donald, "the deputy mayor for health and human services, would field questions at another hearing that day about how the administration will move forward."   "That" hearing is for the office of the Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services and takes place Thursday, April 28 in Room 412 at JAWB.   The hearing starts at 10:00 am with consideration of the United Medical Center budget.

Social media TA from Sprout Social

Need to keep track of the image size requirements for social media platforms?   Take a look at Sprout Social's Always Up-to-Date Guide to Social Media Image Sizes.   Most helpful is the Google Doc containing the dimensions and ratios for images on networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Need help creating images?   36 Free Tools for Creating Unique Images, again from Sprout Social, is a good place to start.   Some of what you will find on the list: image design tools, quote makers, profile picture makers, and meme creators.

Sprout Social has its own free image creator and editor, Landscape.

New report: Review of Summer Youth Employment Programs in Eight Major Cities and the District of Columbia

On April 21, the DC Auditor (ODCA) released the report Review of Summer Youth Employment Programs in Eight Major Cities and the District of Columbia (PDF).   ODCA did the audit to comply with 2015 legislation
directing ODCA to "conduct an evaluation of multiple years of the summer youth jobs program to assess whether the program has met and is meeting program objectives." This report, which reviews the structure, eligibility rules, services, costs, and outcomes of summer youth employment programs in the District of Columbia and eight other large cities, is part of ODCA's effort to fulfill the Council's directive and inform discussions of how to make the Marion S. Barry Summer Youth Employment Program (MBSYEP) as effective as possible.

The report also includes 11 recommendations.

Perhaps the most damning and troubling finding is about the evaluation, or lack thereof, of SYEP:

Several other cities have commissioned independent evaluations of their summer youth employment programs, including studies that have randomly assigned youth to program and control groups in order to isolate the impact of the program on youth well-being. By contrast, DOES has not commissioned an independent evaluation of MBSYEP since 2010 despite a statutory requirement to do so annually.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Melissa Bradley leads new AU Entrepreneurship and Innovation Initiative

Melissa Bradley is the inaugural director for the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Initiative at American University's Kogod School of Business, WBJ's Tina Reed reported today (see American University to launch new innovation center).

The new initiative is designed to make AU a player in the region.   According to the article,

The innovation center will offer access to resources like pitch competitions, a speaker series, mentorship and research partnerships to students across AU, not just business students, Bradley said. The goal is to teach more innovative thinking whether the students plan to start a business or no.

Bradley was DC Action for Children's first paid executive director back in 1996-1997.   I had the pleasure of working for her during my second year MSW placement while at Howard University School of Social Work.

Trust does bad again according to WaPo

Free Comic Book Day, May 7

Monday, April 25, 2016

ICYMI: R. Calvin Lockridge has died

ICYMI: Lydia DePillis has left WaPo

Earlier this month, Lydia DePillis announced she is leaving The Washington Post for the Houston Chronicle.

As she wrote in this Facebook post,

It sounds like a weird move, I know. The Post is a dream place to work in many ways, and I have fabulous colleagues whom I'll miss very much. But ever since I took a bus down here after graduating from college in 2009, I've maintained a strong belief that few serious reporters spend their entire 20s holed up in the capital of the free world.

Props to DePillis for making this huge decision.   I, for one, will miss her local reporting.

Good luck, Lydia!!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Prescription Drug Take-back April 30

Reminder: #eotr has a community calendar!

Wards 7 and 8 residents, and stakeholders, can easily find out what is happening in their neck of the woods by referring to the Wards 7 & 8 Community Board!   Adding events is easy; the instructions are on the East Bank DC website (link above).

Kale and Andouille Soup recipe

The latest addition to the Recipes page is Kale and Andouille Soup.   Very easy and quick.   Perfect for cold and warmer weather.

Kale and Andouille Soup

Kojo Nnamdi on Anacostia

The Kojo Nnamdi Show recently spent time in Anacostia talking with residents about the past, present, and future of this Ward 8 community.   Listen to New Faces, New Residents, New Neighbors In Anacostia and Kojo In Your Community: Economic Disparities East Of The Anacostia.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

#dcfy17 budget sked updated Apr. 19

The DC Council updated the FY 2017 budget hearing schedule April 19.   Read the April 19 sked.

April 22 DCR Tweets Storified

I can only be happy for the next galaxy or planet Prince is on now.

WAMU switches up newsroom to achieve new vision

WAMU has announced it plans to improve it's regional coverage.   Highlights of the plan include focusing on those topics of greatest importance to listeners: transportation and development, education and inequality, race and ethnicity, power and influence, and arts and culture.   In addition, WAMU news will deliver content "via broadcast, digital, on-demand, and social platforms."

Read WAMU 88.5 Unveils Ambitious New Vision For A Growing Multiplatform Newsroom for the details.

Friday, April 22, 2016

ICYMI: Diane Rehm Show on girls, sex, and contradictory messages

If you missed The Complicated And Contradictory Messages Young Girls Are Getting About Sex, the April 20 Diane Rehm Show program, you must listen to it.   Fascinating in so many ways.

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More data from Data Is Plural

The Health Inequality Project "uses big data to measure differences in life expectancy by income across areas and identify strategies to improve health outcomes for low-income Americans."   DC is included in the three ranking categories compiled by the project:
  • Commuting Zones; Level of Life Expectancy
  • Commuting Zones; Annual Change in Life Expectancy
  • Counties; Level of Life Expectancy

Like baseball?   Journalist Sean Lahman is rather fanatical and maintains a database of data on teams, players, and other (I guess) interesting information.   See Lahman’s Baseball Database.

The Political TV Ad Archive "is a project of the Internet Archive. This site provides a searchable, viewable, and shareable online archive of 2016 political TV ads, married with fact-checking and reporting citizens can trust."   The data can be used for various purposes, including educating students (see Ten engaging ways educators can use the Political TV Ad Archive).   I wish this had been available when I was in college!   It would have saved time and allowed for better analysis!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

DGS has installed community-based bike repair stations

Locations of the first eight stations:

  • Banneker Recreation Center (2500 Georgia Ave NW) (Ward 1)
  • Takoma Aquatic Center (300 Van Buren St NW) (Ward 4)
  • Rosedale Recreation Center (1701 Gales St NE) (Ward 6)
  • Francis Gregory Library (3660 Alabama Ave SE) (Ward 7)
  • Reeves Center (2000 14th St NW) (Ward 1)
  • Tenley-Friendship Neighborhood Library (4450 Wisconsin Ave NW) (Ward 3)
  • Penn Center (326 R St NE) (Ward 5)
  • Department of Employment Services (4058 Minnesota Ave NE) (Ward 7)

Thought you might be interested Thursday: Thinking, originality, and procrastination

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ward 7 flower featured on stamp

CAAB's new address

Capital Area Asset Builders has moved! Their new address is:
1100 H Street, NW, Suite 200
Washington, DC 20005

Their phone, etc. remain the same:

Tel: (202) 419-1440
Fax: (202) 419-1447
Email: via email,
Twitter: @CAAB_GreaterDC

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April 25: "The Blunt Truth" Town Hall: Youth living in changing & challenging times

From the Ward 7 Safe & Drug-Free Communities Coalition blog #drugfreeward7:
The Ward 7 Safe & Drug-Free Communities Coalition is sponsoring "The Blunt Truth" Monday, April 25, 6:00 - 8:00 pm at the Department of Employment Services (4058 Minnesota Ave NE).

Topics to be covered at the event:

  • Is marijuana harmful?
  • Is marijuana legal to have and use?
  • How does marijuana impact the community?

Candace Montague, health reporter for Capital Community News and freelance journalist, will interview experts on the law and the health impacts of marijuana. A question and answer period will follow.

All interested in addressing the child and youth drug challenge in Ward 7 are encouraged to attend.

Light refreshments and prevention information will be available.

RSVP by April 21:; questions:

Download and share the event flyer (PDF).

Abigail Hauslohner swaps desks

Cision's got the latest in WaPo news: Abigail Hauslohner Changes Coverage at The Washington Post.
Reporter Abigail Hauslohner has moved to the national desk at The Washington Post to cover Islam, Arab affairs and America. She previously covered local DC politics, government and city hall since 2015 and joined the newspaper in 2012 as Cairo, Egypt bureau chief in 2012. Prior to that, she was Middle East correspondent for TIME.

DCPS School Year 2016-2017 calendars

DCPS has released the SY 2016-2017 calendars. Yes, calendars.

Eleven DCPS schools operate on an extended year model starting the upcoming school year.   The 11 extended-year schools are:

  • Garfield Elementary School (Ward 8)
  • H.D. Cooke Elementary School (Ward 1)
  • Hart Middle School (Ward 8)
  • Hendley Elementary School (Ward 8)
  • Johnson Middle School (Ward 8)
  • Kelly Miller Middle School (Ward 7)
  • King Elementary School (Ward 8)
  • Randle Highlands Elementary School (Ward 7)
  • Raymond Education Campus (Ward 4)
  • Thomas Elementary School (Ward 7)
  • Turner Elementary School (Ward 8)

Important extended-year school calendar dates:

  • First Day of School*: August 8, 2016
  • Fall Break: October 10-14, 2016
  • Winter Break: December 22, 2016 – January 2, 2017
  • Spring Break: April 17-21, 2017
  • Last Day of School: July 13, 2017

Here is the calendar for traditional DCPS schools; important dates are:

  • First Day of School*: August 22, 2016
  • Winter Break: December 22, 2016 – January 2, 2017
  • Spring Break: April 17-21, 2017
  • Last Day of School: June 14, 2017

*Preschool (PK3 and PK4) students typically have a modified schedule the first week of school to help transition to the school environment. Check with your principal about the exact schedule for your preschool child.

Monday, April 18, 2016

ICYMI: Twitter polls

Eons ago (in social media time), Twitter launched polls.

They are easy to use.   Start with the question; you have 116 characters.   Add the responses; the default is two but you can have up to four.   Answers can only be 20 characters each.   Then Tweet.   The poll will be live for 24 hours.

Ward 7's struggle with economic development according to Jonetta Rose Barras

Sunday, April 17, 2016

WAMU doubles down on technology

WAMU recently announced the appointment of Rob Bertrand as WAMU's Senior Director of Technology.   Bertand will be lead WAMU's "broadcast and IT teams to keep everything running smoothly on air and online, and lead the evolution of technology to support new content on our listeners’ devices of choice."

Read more, including about Bertrand's extensive background, in Meet Rob Bertrand, WAMU’s New Technology Head.

Changes to SY 2015-2016 calendar

DC Public Schools has modified the School Year 2015-2016 calendar to add instructional days resulting from the January 2016 snow days.   The changes made to the calendar are:
  • June 16, 2016 will become a full instructional day. The Professional Development day previously scheduled for this day will be cancelled.
  • June 17, 2016 will become a half-day for students with dismissal at 12:15 PM. This will be the last day of the school year.

In January, DCPS shared with parents their "two-day" plan to account for the 2.5 snow days.

Monday, April 11, 2016

April 5 DC Council #dcfy17 budget hearing sked

The council updated the FY 2017 budget hearing sked.   The April 5 update is online.

News from Carol Joynt

Carol Joynt shared this in her latest Q&A Cafe newsletter:
I have joined MSNBC as a producer for Chris Matthews at "Hardball." I've been there two weeks and it is a pleasure to be back in the career I abandoned when my husband died and I took over his business, Nathans, and a lot of other stuff related to that. I have to admit, I love the smell and feel of a TV studio in that moment when a show goes live, and all the hyper activity involved in getting to that moment. After almost 18 years I'm home again. It may last only through the election, but what an election it is!

My job is full time and the hours are long. The show airs at 7pm on MSNBC, and most nights we are live, and we do wrap-ups to midnight and beyond on primary and debate nights.

For that reason, after the Julia Reed interview, The Q&A Cafe will be on a summer hiatus. We'll resume in the fall when my little show celebrates its 15th anniversary. Remarkable, isn't it?

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

TA: Social media tips

30 Social Media Ideas In 30 Minutes offers some great ideas for ways to use social media, things to prepare for, and do's and don'ts.   Categories of ideas include Crisis Communications, Content Storytelling, Social Platforms, and Social Listening.

Image by mkhmarketing.

Monday, April 4, 2016

CFO Jeff DeWitt's #dcfy17 testimony before DC Council Apr. 4

#dcfy17 budget schedule updated Mar. 30

The council updated the FY 2017 budget hearing schedule March 30.   Get the latest hearing sked.

DC Council hears details of #dcfy17 budget from Mayor Bowser Apr. 4

Mayor Bowser presents and members of the council grill her on the proposed FY 2017 budget Monday, April 4 from 10:00 am until who knows.

Can't make it to JAWB?   Watch online.

Mayor Bowser's April 4 sked

Mayor Muriel Bowser's Monday, April 4 sked:
10:00 AM
Present and Discuss Fiscal Year 2017 Budget at the Council of the District of Columbia
Location: John A. Wilson Building, Council Chambers
1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Sunday, April 3, 2016

April 4: Legislative Media Briefing


Council Chairman Phil Mendelson will hold a Media Briefing to preview the Council's upcoming Legislative Meeting.

Monday, April 4, 2016
2 p.m.

John A. Wilson Building, Room 412, 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20004

Chairman Mendelson will hold a media briefing to discuss major actions to be taken at the Council's legislative meeting on Tuesday, April 5, 2016 at 11:00 a.m. or immediately following the Additional Meeting of the Committee of the Whole.

Additional information is available by calling (202) 724-8032.

Unable to make it to the Wilson Building?   Watch the briefing streaming live on the council website.

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ABRA's got a new look

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