Saturday, March 19, 2016

DC government's open data policy update

Turns out DC government's Director of Technology Innovation Matt Bailey's update on the Bowser Administration's open data policy is only half a breath of fresh air.

Yes, Bailey does update the community about the status of the mayor's new initiative.   Yes, Bailey mentions continuing input opportunities.

So what's the problem?   Only that unless you are subscribed to Medium, a blogging platform of sorts, you would miss this important information.   The solution is simple: OCTO should add a link to Medium on their home page.

What is a little more complicated is to implement this change―ensuring openness and accessibility―across the government.   Perhaps the mayor's comms office should to require all executive branch agencies to ensure all social media platforms are linked on the agency home page.

But wait, there's more.   Agency divisions (programs) must also be required to identify which social media platforms on which they are active.   One example is MPD.   On the home page, MPD lists where they are on various social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.   But what about 6D Outreach (@6DCOC), the 6th District's Twitter account?   It doesn't appear on the home page, which is good, but then it doesn't appear on their 6th District page, which is bad.

Finally, the government should create a list of all agency/program/division/initiative/project social media accounts and share that list prominently on   The public should no longer have to keep track (see DC government agencies social media).

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