Wednesday, February 3, 2016

ICYMI: Mayor Bowser's first accountability report, event recap

Brenda Rhodes Miller, executive director of the DC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, attended Mayor Bowser's January 11 accountability report release.   She's written a summary of the event for those of us (me included!) who were not able to attend.
Mayor Muriel Bowser released her 2015 Accountability Report last night to an enthusiastic crowd that responded with all the energy of a pep rally and the fervor of true believers at an old fashioned camp meeting.

Fourteen months into her administration, Bowser reported that she has already "delivered, launched or prepared to launch 92%" of her commitments from last year's mayoral transition period. A 49-page work plan highlighted the progress city agencies have made in Health and Wellness, Education, the Arts, Jobs and Economic Development, Public Safety, Housing, Good Government and Full Democracy, Transportation and the Environment.

The lively format included moving testimonials from two young women who the mayor has helped get on "the path to the middle class," a video, two panel discussions with cabinet level officials, and of course, a rousing speech by Bowser herself. When she spoke of closing DC General and opening safe, decent family shelters in all eight wards Bowser appeared to be overcome by emotion at the mention of Relisha Rudd's name.

Big plans to increase the amount of affordable housing, put an end to homelessness, strengthen the 60,000 small businesses in the city and connect District companies to increase their capacity to apply for government contracts and benefit from the booming economy brought rounds of applause.

The mayor also pledged to keep city residents engaged in budget discussions to ensure that their priorities are reflected in what the government decides to do.

The event at Gallaudet University's Kellogg Conference Center concluded with a reception where members of the Bowser administration were available to answer questions.

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