Monday, February 15, 2016

Check it out: District Dig

What is this thing called the District Dig by Jeffrey Anderson and Andy DelGiudice?   Well, according to the journalist and photographer, respectively,
The District Dig is a website, but it’s also an idea, a feeling, a commitment to high quality photojournalism and investigative reporting. It is the brainchild of photographer Andy DelGiudice and reporter Jeffrey Anderson, who met at a D.C. Council oversight hearing and quickly began to collaborate on various projects and investigations.

These initial collaborations became the impetus for The Dig, an outlet for stories about the District and its inhabitants. An emphasis on quality over quantity is a core principle of the The Dig and a guide for what is published and presented.

The Dig aspires to be an agent for change, and as founders, Jeff and Andy hope to elevate the conversation about life in our evolving city. We look forward to presenting information and insights that are essential to its communities, and to offering its residents an uncompromising alternative to traditional outlets.

To date, Anderson and DelGiudice have created The District Digs Out and Out To Pasture: The Only Thing Worse Than Living In Barry Farms Is The Threat Of Being Pushed Out.

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