Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thought you might be interested: Why trigger warnings are bad, from personal experience

Rachel Edwards' (@naughty_nerdess) Trigger Warnings: Or how to create a generation of assholes without really trying may rub some people the wrong way, like the commenter Lori Williams.   But this piece in Medium is a personal account of triggers.   I may (or not) agree with everything written, but it is a counterpoint for the current narrative of must-have trigger warnings.
I think the answer for why trigger warnings exist is pretty simple. There is a desire to protect people from harm, even if it's psychological harm.


I'm going to say the one thing that needs to be said about this, but that no one will utter. If you need people to put trigger warnings on everything for you to live your live normally, then there is a place for you to go. It's called a mental hospital, and it's where people go to get stabilized. If you are the kind of person who'll see a dick pic online and then go to the closet and hang yourself, then you aren't healthy enough to be living in the real world.


In creating a world of trigger warnings, you also create a world where people are less able to deal with hardship. We learn how to endure and prepare for certain hardships by reading about them in books or seeing a character overcome them in a movie. It is through encountering the unexpected, that we can become inoculated against it.

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