Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thought you might be interested Thursday: Diana Nyad on perserverance

Watch this Blue Sky Innovation video featuring champion swimmer Diana Nyad to learn what made Nyad's epic swim from Cuba to Florida possible at age 64.

Reporter Amina Elahi's talk with Nyad brought out the important backstory of the recent record-setting swim.   There are many useful lessons and an abundance of inspiration in this must-watch talk.

Want to learn more about Nyad and the Cuba-Miami trek?   Read Find a Way, available at Politics & Prose and DC Public Library.   To whet your appetite (from the book's page on the Politics & Prose website):

Diana carried three poignant messages on her way across this stretch of shark-infested waters, and she spoke them to the crowd in her moment of final triumph:
  1. Never, ever give up.
  2. You re never too old to chase your dreams.
  3. It looks like a solitary sport, but it's a Team.

Millions of people around the world cheered this maverick on, moved by her undeniable tenacity to be the first to make the historic crossing without the aid of a shark cage. At the end of her magnificent journey, after thirty-five years and four crushing failures, the public found hope in Diana's perseverance. They were inspired by her mantra find a way that led her to realize a dream in her sixties that had eluded her as a young champion in peak form.

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