Saturday, November 7, 2015

Anacostia home to WAMU bureau

Changes east of the river seem to be everywhere and increasing in number.   Noticeable changes include the Department of Homeland Security at St. Es; the expansion of the Arc; the development of Minnesota Ave NE by the metro and exemplified most recently by the opening of Sala Thai; new housing off of Kenilworth Ave NE; and the renovation and building of new Department of Parks and Recreation facilities.

But did you know that WAMU has a bureau in Anacostia?   The station is part of the 15-city Localore: Finding America program which brings funding to underserved communities to cover relevant issues.   Katie Davis "will work with the community to teach them to produce short pieces for the radio and online."   Brendan Sweeney will assist.   Production began November 1 and will conclude July 31, 2016.

Stay on top of the project by following the hashtag #FindingAmerica on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Read about previous Localore projects in What's Outside? Public Media 2014.

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