Monday, October 5, 2015

Winter brings... snow and this shoveling volunteer opportunity!

Help your older or disabled neighbors out this winter by being a part of the DC Citizen Snow Team.   Serve DC coordinates this effort which is designed to make sure sidewalks are clear for those who find walking challenging or who are in wheelchairs.

Serve DC is holding trainings this fall―Wednesday, October 14; Thursday, November 12; Wednesday, December 9―and will schedule more if invited by ANCs or civic organizations.

According to Serve DC, there is a critical need for volunteers in Wards 4, 7, and 8.

What you will learn at the training:

  • How residents are selected by the DC Office on Aging to receive snow removal service
  • What parts of the property are to be shoveled
  • Snow versus ice removal
  • How to reach Tree Operations
  • Equipment distribution information
  • Injury and property liability information

Register to attend a training.   Have questions?   Contact Serve DC by phone, (202) 727-7925, or via email,

Photo by Steve Depolo.

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