Friday, October 30, 2015

TA: Facebook or Snapchat or Twitter... Which do teens use the most?

Earlier this month, Piper Jaffray released the results of their semiannual survey of American teens.   The Wall Street Journal reports on the social media elements of the survey in Survey Finds Teens Prefer Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat for Social Networks.

These results should matter to organizations (nonprofit and government) interested in connecting with young people.   As illustrated in the WSJ chart below, teen use of Instagram and Snapchat is growing while use of Twitter and Facebook is dropping.   Certainly, youth-serving organizations should know best the likes and dislikes of their involved youth and they may differ from the Piper Jaffray findings.

The Journal correctly points out that the Piper Jaffray findings are not consistent with those of other researchers:

Other reports offer a different view. In a survey released this spring, Pew Research Internet Project found Facebook the site used most frequently by U.S. teens between 13 and 17. The Pew report showed 41% of those polled described Facebook as the site they use most frequently, followed by Instagram with 20% and Snapchat at 11%.

A 2013 report by Pew showed that teens were growing increasingly frustrated by the presence of adults on the site, but few teens had actually dumped Facebook.

Last summer, nearly half of 4,517 teenagers surveyed by Forrester Research Inc. about social media use said they used Facebook more than a year earlier.

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