Saturday, October 3, 2015

Learning from others

Of all the responses in Parting Wisdom From 5 Outgoing Mayors published by Governing, I appreciate these two the most.   They will inform my work as a policy analyst, advocate, and resident.
  • Question: What have you learned about yourself as a manager during your time as mayor?
    Response from Don Plusquellic, former mayor of Akron, OH
    My grandmother told me, "Donny, the vast majority of people in this life are going to be good, and even if you mess up they're still going to be OK. But there's a group of people that -- no matter how hard you work, or what you do for them -- they're never going to be happy. And if you only remember them, you won't be able to serve the rest of the people." And I swear to God, that comes back to me all the time. You can't make everyone happy.
  • Question: How did the Great Recession affect you?
    Response from Michael Nutter, mayor of Philadelphia, PA
    As the great philosopher-king Mike Tyson says, "Everybody's got a plan till you get punched in the face." We got punched in the face by the recession. I had all these plans: We were going to hire 400 new police officers, we were going to do international travel. So, OK, you can't do all of that. You regroup. Figure it out. You still have to reduce crime, you still have to educate kids, you still have to get people jobs. Money or no money, you still have to do those things.

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