Friday, September 25, 2015

FY 2017 budget development sked

The Bowser Administration's budget team is shaking up budget development, starting with a emphasis on "District Priority Goals" which are "a set of broad, cross-cutting goals that will guide Mayor Bowser's first term."   The not-new goals are:
  • A Strong Economy for All
  • A World Class Education System
  • A Healthy Community
  • A Safer, Stronger DC
  • Sustainable Neighborhoods

Agencies are being required to develop their FY 2017 performance plans now.   Which makes complete sense.   Agencies are also required to develop work plans.   Work plans will be reviewed by the Office of the City Administrator, mayor's budget team, and deputy mayors before being finalized.

Key dates for FY 2017 budget development:

  • September 30: Draft agency performance plans due to Office of the City Administrator (OCA)
  • Mid-October: Agencies discuss their capital budget needs with Capital Budget Team
  • Early November: FY 2017 targets given to agencies
  • Mid-December: FY 2017 agency budget submissions due to OCA
  • Mid-December: Agencies meet with Capital Budget Team to discuss FY 2017 capital budget enhancements

Later this year, the council will vote on the budget sked, including what information they want to see in the budget along with the date by which Mayor Bowser must present her proposed budget.

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