Friday, August 7, 2015

Never saw Chocolate City? Watch it now.

Filmmakers Ellie Walton and Sam Wild consider gentrification, public housing, poverty, public policy, and yes race, in this 2003 documentary.   Walton's website describes the film this way:

In 2003, over 400 families from the Arthur Capper's housing project in South East Washington DC were forced from their homes as part of a massive nation-wide redevelopment programme. "Chocolate City"” explores the rapid gentrification of Washington DC through the eyes of a group of local women who are fighting to return to their neighbourhood. Although living in the shadows of power, their story celebrates the strength of communities and the capacity of art to inspire change.

Wild describes the film this way:

Through the experiences of a number of largely black residents the film explores how the city is being altered as property prices rise and local communities are forced out of the world's most famous capital.
Two brief media reviews: D.C. Locals' Long Wait For Hope: 'Chocolate City' and Chocolate City Takes on Gentrification.

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