Saturday, May 16, 2015

Understanding open data

If you're interested in open data, good government, and the citizenry, watch Tim Davies on Unpacking Open Data: Power, Politics and the Influence of Infrastructures.   Berkman summarizes the talk this way:
Countries, states & cities across the globe are embracing the idea of 'open data': establishing platforms, portals and projects to share government managed data online for re-use. Yet, right now, the anticipated civic impacts of open data rarely materialize, and the gap between the promise and the reality of open data remains wide.

In this talk, Tim Davies -- Berkman affiliate and a social researcher focussing on the development of the open government data landscape around the world -- questions the ways in which changing regimes around data can reconfigure power and politics, and considers opportunities to re-imagine the open data project, not merely as one of placing datasets online, but as one that can positively reshape the knowledge infrastructures of civic life.

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