Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Gates Foundation CEO on problem-solving

What I value so much about what Sue Desmond-Hellman says in To Solve The World's Biggest Problems, Work from the Inside Out, Says the CEO of the Gates Foundation is this:
And so I think Ebola, in many ways, showed our foundation at its finest. Flexible, moving quickly, but knowing how we could play a role together with others, and every step along the way we were focused on what can we do? How could we use our resources, our intellect, our human capital to help fix this problem?

I think those are the kinds of collaborative innovations, how we communicate, regularity, teamwork that sometimes involve high-tech. We might use video conferencing or we might use a smartphone, but often are how human beings interact together in novel ways to get things done. And that's at least as important a way that we use innovation here. (emphasis added)

Click the link above to watch the three-minute video, read the summary, and read the transcript of her comments.   What do you appreciate, if anything, about what she has to say about solving problems?

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