Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ward 7 and Ward 8 Community Board—by and for the community

Ever wonder what events are happening in Wards 7 and 8?   Now it's easy to find out with the new Ward 7 and Ward 8 Community Board on the East Bank DC website.

The Community Board is a new tool for and by the community to promote community events and activities.   Read the Community Board today and you will see several standing community meetings and the Arcadia Mobile Markets through October 30, 2015.   Read it tomorrow and (hopefully) you will find more events.

East Bank DC blogger Marie Fritz created the Community Board following a conversation on Twitter about encouraging more and better communication with residents about community-based events.   Fritz explains,

There is so much happening in Wards 7 and 8 but it's difficult to keep track of multiple calendars, electronic flyers, emails, and notifications. I hope the Community Board will enable organizations to reach a wider audience and to make it easier for our neighbors to stay informed and to engage with one another in their community.

Almost all events can be included in this new calendar.   To be added to the calendar, events must take place in Wards 7 or 8 and be open to the general public.   Events can be sponsored by the community or government and can include meetings, fairs and festivals; resident input sessions; and nonprofit fundraisers.

To be effective, the calendar needs information and users.   Submitting event information is easy and the steps are detailed on the calendar page.   And people will use the calendar when they become aware of it and the role it plays in keeping residents in Wards 7 and 8 informed.   If you have a blog or website, consider adding the badge (shown above).   Need to know how?   Here are the instructions.

There are other ways to tell your friends, clients, customers, members, and others about the Community Board.   Washington Parks & People, as you can see below, Tweeted the news.   Another option is to post this flyer in your waiting area or include it in a newsletter.   Share other ideas in a comment!

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