Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Share your memories of Sheridan Theater

From an email:
The DC Independent Film Festival has received a DCPL grant to collect an oral history of The Sheridan Theater (now the dollar store) at 6200 Georgia Avenue as part of our city-wide "Going to the Movies" project. The Sheridan was an important neighborhood meeting place before 1976 and remains an historically important building.

We are now ready to collect those memories!

So please, if you remember going to The Sheridan Theater or you know others who might, help us to fill in a missing part of DC cultural history. We have our notebooks and tape-recorders and movie cameras ready and next week we can visit you to capture those memories.

Call Alison at 202-286-8892 or email admin@dciff.org

If you have any history with or interest in the former Sheridan Theater please consider coming to this event...If you have neighbors who might be interested but are not on the listserve, please consider sharing this with them.

Expert cinema historian and author Robert Headley will be giving an illustrated lecture on the history and social significance of neighborhood movie theaters in Washington DC, including the several in on and around Georgia Avenue at Shepherd Park Library (http://dclibrary.org/thornton), Saturday April 18 from 2:30 - 4:30pm.

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