Monday, April 6, 2015

9 reasons to subscribe to Susie's Budget and Policy Corner

Here are nine reasons to subscribe to this blog:
  1. Current and future budget information
  2. Information about decision-makers—who they are and how to get in touch with them
  3. Highlights of the DC Register (thanks, of course, to @hgil)
  4. Public policy event invitations and summaries
  5. Invitations to events
  6. Links to free webinars and other learning opportunities
  7. Information valuable to advocates and activists
  8. Links to and summaries of new technology tools that will up your fundraising, advocacy, and operational games
  9. All the information and intelligence is free

When you subscribe, you will receive an email from me around 11:00 am every day there is a blog post.

It's easy and free to sign up.   Just type your email address in the box below, confirm that you want to subscribe, and you will start receiving daily updates.   It's that simple.

I look forward to connecting with you!

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