Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ward 4 candidates answer more resident questions has published the fifth round of Ward 4 candidate answers to resident questions.   See the Q&A.

The questions in this round, from newest to oldest:

  1. What is your position on term limits for DC Member of the Council?
  2. Do you support the proposals of Council Member Grosso for automatic run-off voting, open primaries and campaign finance reform, or some variations on those? Related, would you support a run-off election if no candidate for the Ward 4 Member of the Council's seat receives a majority of the vote?
  3. Do you support requiring vaccine immunization shot, as DC does now? (Do you support exemptions for "personal beliefs" or the ability of parents to delay when their children get shots to lengthen immunization schedules?)
  4. What was your position on Walmart coming into DC? Did you want the Walmart jobs, related economic development (such as mixed income housing in nearby areas) and groceries in "food deserts" (areas with little or no grocery store), or do you want to hold out for jobs or companies that meet certain standards before you allow them into DC?
  5. Registered Independents in the District of Columbia are disenfranchised, as they are not legally able to vote in DC primaries. What will you do to ensure all registered voters in the District are able to vote in primary elections?

(UPDATE 3/25, 9:20a: Fixed the graphic)

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