Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thought you might be interested Thursday: A bit of DC history

New or not to DC, 'Chocolate City' Loses its Prominence as the Face of D.C. Changes - The historical presence of D.C.’s black community dissipates during the age of gentrificatio​n is a worthwhile read.

The article in The Hilltop walks readers through the days before Home Rule, the period during which DC was known as "Chocolate City", and the days since, when the face of residents has changed.   The piece is much more nuanced, and has much more to offer, than this intro paragraph would lead you to believe:

Next to Harlem and Chicago, Washington, D.C. has been a mecca for young black professionals for the last 70 years. There was also a time when anyone could walk down U Street and see more black faces than white or brown faces on the street. Within the last few decades, the face of The District has completely altered, shoving the African American population below 50 percent. What was once considered a historically black community, now dwindles under the domination of gentrification.

Add this to the reading list for new staffers and interns.   It's a useful frame of reference and introduces readers to a variety of ideas and names.

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