Friday, March 20, 2015

A must-read: Pop Culture for Social Change from LightBox Collaborative

LightBox Collaborative introduces us to Spoiler Alert: How Progressives Will Break Through With Pop Culture in the blog post Pop Culture for Social Change.    While the two examples―#HowWeDoIt and #ImUnloading―in the blog post feature celebrities, Spoiler Alert author Tracy Van Slyke explains how we can use pop culture to achieve social change without celebs.

One of the two recent examples is #HowWeDoIt by the Make It Work Campaign.   The campaign is

about making things better for hardworking women, men and families across the country. We are a community of people who share the belief that hardworking Americans shouldn't have to choose between being there for family and earning a living. We're speaking up and seeking solutions because it’s 2015, folks -- and past time all of us were able to make it work.

Here's the #HowWeDoIt vid:

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