Thursday, February 19, 2015

What I had to say about the ANC office for oversight

I just submitted my statement for the record re: Office of Neighborhood Advisory Commissions and thought I would share.   Excerpts:
In the various roles I have had in the District of Columbia since I graduated from the Howard University School of Social Work in May 1997, I have had the occasion to communicate with SMD commissioners. I have mainly relied on the ANC website for contact information. Unfortunately, it is neither complete nor in a usable format unless the user is only looking for contact information for one commissioner. What I, and others, would like to see: Definitive contact information by ANC and the addition of a downloadable version of the contact list in Excel or .csv.

If is the website of record for ANC and SMD commissioner information, then the website should have all the information. I suggest that the following information be available on
1. Name
2. Home address
3. Phone number used for ANC business, including area code and presented in the OCTO standard format (202) XXX-XXXX.
4. Email address used for ANC business. Only the email addressed used for ANC business should be listed. Meaning that if a commissioner does not use the standard, then that address should not be listed on the ANC website.
5. Website (as appropriate).
6. Social media platforms used for ANC business (as appropriate).

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