Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The format I'd use if I were presenting at a #FreshStart budget forum

As a follow-up to My answers to John Falcicchio's questions, I'm sharing the advice I am giving those who have asked how they should format their budget recommendations to be presented at the Bowser Administration Budget Engagement Forums February 19, 21, and 23.

First, let's start with the fact that all recommendations from the community are enhancements.   Why?   Because the FY 2016 budget is based on the FY 2016 Current Services Funding Level (CSFL).   You can learn how the CSFL is developed, along with what it includes and excludes, in CSFL From FY 2016 Operating Budget Manual, below.

CSFL From FY 2016 Operating Budget Manual by Susie Cambria

Second, consider these words, included in the original guidance (fall 2014) to agencies:

Please remember that the budget is very tight this year. Please consider how any enhancements would be paid for, and provide that as part of your submission.

And now to the formatting of your recommendations.   DC government agencies are required to use Form B for enhancements and this is what I suggest members of the public use to format their FY 2016 budget recommendations.   You will see that you have to provide the hierarchy level.   There are three (Obligatory Needs, Core Function Needs, Other Needs) and they are explained in Enhancement - Form B - FY16, below.

Enhancement - Form B - FY16 by Susie Cambria

FY 2016 Agency Hierarchy of Budgetary Needs by Susie Cambria

Do you have some recommendations that require a change in the law?   Submitting draft BSA language goes a long way toward getting your recommendation considered and adopted.   The BSA template is below.

FY 2016 BSA Summary Template by Susie Cambria

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