Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My answers to John Falcicchio's questions

My answers to the Tweet from Mayor Bowser's Chief of Staff John Falcicchio are "yes" and "no."

Yes, I read Muriel Bowser budgets carefully.   And I agree that the mayor is spending―not budgeting, as the Post ed board writes―with restraint.   And while the editorial contrasts Mayor Bowser with the current council, it must be said: Mayor Gray also limited spending at the beginning of each fiscal year.   This is what leaders do: manage, lead, and make hard decisions.

To the question about registering for a budget forum: No, I have not registerd.   Why?   If I have a recommendation, I send it to the mayor's budget staff led by Matt Brown (, CA Rashad Young (, deputy budget director Jenny Reed (, and DMs.   This behavior is not new; staff going back to Gregory McCarthy, Deputy Chief of Staff to Mayor Anthony Williams, will attest to my emailed and snail mailed budget recommendations.

I see my role, as a DC resident and long-time advocate, as sharing what I've learned since 1996 in DC, helping others learn about and navigate the budget process.   Over the past two months, in particular, community activists and service providers have asked for my help understanding the process (info is here) and identifying ways to effectively communicate and urge the mayor to fund their priorities.   Other such meetings are scheduled for later this week and next.

So while I've not registered as John asked, I think I've done one better.

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