Sunday, February 15, 2015

FYI: The latest in nonprofit communications trends

Wild Apricot recently shared the latest communications analysis Nonprofit Communications Trends Report by Kivi Leroux Miller.   From the Wild Apricot blog post 2015 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report:
Here are some highlights:
  • 57% of respondents said that "Engaging Our Community" was their most important communication goal.
  • 81% thought that their website was the most important communication channel and 92% thought podcasting is the least important.
  • The respondents reported that Facebook updates took the most time in a typical week.
  • Facebook is still no. 1 in social media - 96% of respondents have a Facebook page.
  • Respondents ranked the "lack of time to produce quality content" as "very challenging".
  • 62% will send an email newsletter at least monthly.

The findings are also depicted in an infographic (use the link above).   A snippet of the graphic is below.   What I find most interesting is that the website ranks highest as major communications channel.   In my experience, nonprofit (and for that matter DC government) websites are not updated in a timely manner.   Specifically, as a rule I find that websites are not updated with event information or newsletters.   Newsletters and event invites are emailed but the information is not on the website.   I would urge nonprofits and DC government agencies to post information on sites before the content is emailed.

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