Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Contact info for DMHHS staff

This just in from the office of the Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services:
  • Brenda Donald, Deputy Mayor,, 727-7973
  • Rachel Joseph, Chief of Staff,, 727-0879
  • Amber Tate, Administrative Support Specialist,, 727-9648
  • Maria-Esmeralda Paguaga, Communications,, 727-1751
  • Jennifer Valdivieso, Program Analyst (Intake),, 727-7973
  • Christian Barrera, Policy Analyst (Health),, 727-2320
  • Lee Hagy, Policy Analyst (Human Services),, 727-3607
  • Jenna Cevasco, Senior Policy Advisor,, 724-7742
  • Gail Kohn, Age-Friendly DC Coordinator,, 727-2736
  • Laura Newland, Policy Analyst (Community Living),, 727-8004
  • Nick Kushner, Capital City Fellow,, 727-7983
  • Kristy Greenwalt, ICH Director,, 727-2823

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