Thursday, January 22, 2015

Update on #dcfy16 budget development

As expected, the Bowser administration is developing the FY 2016 budget in an environment of slowed revenues (see December 2014 rev estimate down from September).   To meet the projected revenue loss and to allow the mayor to fulfill her commitment to adding $100 million for affordable housing in FY 2016, the budget office needs to find ~$400 million (this includes $50 million for additional Bowser priorities).

To get to the ~$400 million, the Bowser budget team has required all agencies to prepare budget proposals reflecting cuts of 5%, 6%, and 8% based on the original MARCs (which were based on the CSFL).

The Bowser budget team is bringing back the budget hierarchies; they will help agencies, deputy mayors, budget team, and mayor understand where Programs (Divisions) and Activities (Sub-Divisions) stand related to being essential versus nice-to-have.   Also brought back (from the middle of the Gray administration) are BRTs (budget review teams); will likely involve agencies, budget office staff, the appropriate DM, and Mayor.

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