Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Read the latest CFNCR report on the City Fund

Right before Christmas, Mayor Vince Gray sent to the DC Council the October 2014 City Fund Semi-Annual Report (go to Bill History tab).   The CFNCR report summarizes the grantmaking process, provides a cursory look at analytics, and lists the awardees and grant amounts.   The bulk of the 68-page report is made up of awardee profiles.

Somewhat startling was the revelation that 20 organizations which applied for City Fund funding and were awardees did not have their Charitable Solicitation License or Charitable Exempt License.   This raises all sorts of questions, such as are these organizations applying for other grants without the licenses in place?   How do they receive funding if they do not have them?   If I were prepping the council for oversight hearings coming up in February, I would put this issue at the top of the list.

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