Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thought you might be interested Thursday

As you may know, I love Berkman Center videos and the latest watched is Molly Sauter on "The Coming Swarm".   I watched to learn about DDOS actions and learned a whole lot more, including about how censorship, social movement theory, actions planning, and power intersect and influence actions and responses.

The book (hardcover, paperback, Kindle), is available at Politics and Prose and from that website is this description of the book:
In The Coming Swarm, rising star Molly Sauter examines the history, development, theory, and practice of distributed denial of service actions as a tactic of political activism. The internet is a vital arena of communication, self expression, and interpersonal organizing. When there is a message to convey, words to get out, or people to unify, many will turn to the internet as a theater for that activity. As familiar and widely accepted activist tools-petitions, fundraisers, mass letter-writing, call-in campaigns and others-find equivalent practices in the online space, is there also room for the tactics of disruption and civil disobedience that are equally familiar from the realm of street marches, occupations, and sit-ins? With a historically grounded analysis, and a focus on early deployments of activist DDOS as well as modern instances to trace its development over time, The Coming Swarm uses activist DDOS actions as the foundation of a larger analysis of the practice of disruptive civil disobedience on the internet.

I'll leave you with this review:

The Internet is changing the nature of civil disobedience. Molly Sauter's book is an interesting and important discussion of political denial-of-service attacks: what has come before, and what's likely to come in the future. - Bruce Schneier, Author of Liars and Outliers: Enabling the Trust that Society Needs to Thrive and Schneier on Security

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