Sunday, December 21, 2014

TA: Using selfies in your communications and advocacy

American Journalism Review's piece 5 Ways Reporters Can Capitalize on the Selfie Fad is applicable to nonprofits, generally, and advocates, specifically (think recent protests, etc.).   Selfies can be used in fundraising appeals and annual reports, advocacy efforts (with hashtags, naturally), general awareness raising, and volunteer recruitment and recognition.

Some local examples are from the Air and Space Museum's It’s Museum Selfie Day! Go Ahead, Snap Yourself and this from CARECEN:

One of my most memorable experiences was when I interpreted at the naturalization interview of a client who qualified for the language exemption. She had lived here for over 20 years, but decided in her 91st year of life to become a citizen of the United States. Working with her was inspirational; I felt the tension in the room evaporate as she remembered the name of the main political parties in the United States and ultimately passed the test. It was heartwarming when her face lit up and she looked like she was practically ready to hug the uptight officer. We, of course, took a selfie in front of an American flag and then sat down for pupusas and stories about her life. (Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?)

Does your organization use selfies?   Tell us in the comment section.

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