Monday, December 1, 2014

TA: Sharing #FreshIdeas with the Bowser transition team

The organizers of the #FreshIdeas fora (sked here) do not have a prescribed format for recommendations the public and current DC government employees will make.   The team will contact those who register (register here) to speak at one of the events, seeking more information about their recommendations.   My recommendations for comments, in no particular order, are:
  • Format your recommendations like you would testimony.    While you don't need a title page, you should include all your contact information so the team can get in touch with you.   By formatting this way, you save time when you need to repurpose the document for oversight or budget hearings.
  • Consider commenting on the Mayor-elect Bowser's priorities described in the transition plan.   Help flesh out the ideas, critique them, provide research to support or oppose.
  • Be specific.   Generalities such as "it's bad" and "it's not equitable" are not helpful.   Tell the transition team why.   Which leads to the next recommendation.
  • Provide solutions.   Give the team options for solving the problem you identify.   Is it a legislative solution?   What law should be amended and why?   Is it a practice fix?   Suggest alternatives.
  • Finally, tell the team what your goal is.   That will help them, and members of the Bowser administration, understand why you are proposing what you are.   Why?   It has been my experience that the solutions are different depending on whether you are outside government or inside government.   Telling the transition team what the end game is will help them implement a solution or improvement that will actually work.

Should you want to share your recommendations with the world, I'm happy to post on the blog what you submit to the transition team.   Email me ( your recs (or the link if you post them on your website or blog) and I'll share them.

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