Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The internets have spoken: Mattel did bad. Use it as a teachable moment.

The internet was ablaze with anti-Mattel, anti-Barbie sentiments recently.   All because Barbie: I Can Be A Computer Engineer included this:

When Barbie tries to restore the lost files by connecting her hard drive with another computer, friends Steve and Brian suggest that "It will go faster" with their help. Barbie agrees wholeheartedly.

While Mattel has apologized and has pulled the book from various online sites such as Amazon (see Mattel Apologizes, Pulls Sexist Computer-Engineer Barbie Book), there is plenty of good that can come from this oops.

Young women―and for that matter women of all ages―can go to Feminist Hacker Barbie and contribute more appropriate narratives for the 2010 illustrations.   I'm offering up this blog to share DC-submitted content submitted to Feminist Hacker Barbie.   Simply email me the URL where your submission appears.

Not interested in submitting narratives?   Then talk with the girls and young women in your life about what women can achieve, how they want to be viewed, how they want to think about themselves.

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