Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Now that Election Day has passed...

Now that Election Day has come and gone and we have the results in the various races, what are you going to do with all the voter guides, candidate platforms, news reports, and social media mentions?   If you're like me, you'll file them away, using them in advocacy campaigns, in interviews with the media, fundraising appeals, and, yes, protests and other actions.

But there's much more you can do today than I was able to do when I started my advocacy career in DC in 1996.   Today, you can

  • use public bookmarking tools and put the link to it on your website or blog.   I use Diigo for reports and articles and Pinterest for pictures of books, logos, etc.
  • download platforms and other campaign documents and upload them to a digital document platform such as Google Drive or Scribd so that you have them forever and so you can easily refer to them for advocacy and other purposes
  • identify the quotes you think are most important or useful and post them on you website or blog as part of an advocacy toolkit.   For example, in 2000, Fair Budget Coalition used the following as part of the Human Needs First rally release:
    Mayor Williams has stated that "people with disabilities [have the right to live] with dignity and independence in the community settings they prefer,"...


    At the Neighborhood Action Summit in November 1999, Mayor Williams said that "A great city is a city that takes care of the homeless, that takes care of the disadvantaged, that meets its responsibilities. Everyone knows that. White. Black. Rich. Poor."

Have ideas for how you can use the campaign propaganda, media and social media work, and the like?   Share your ideas in the comments.

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