Thursday, November 6, 2014

News about Mayor-elect Bowser

Washington City Paper's Will Sommer adds to the "What will the Bowser administration hold for DC?" question in Muriel Bowser: "The Status Quo Isn’t Good Enough." So What Will Replace It?   Sommer covers the much-anticipated transition work with this:
The transition team for the administration-in-waiting, run out of Judiciary Square, will be helmed by five people Bowser describes as "great Washingtonians." So far, only one has been named to the transition team, former Pepco exec Beverly Perry. (Apparently, you don’t have to be Bowser's best pal to make the team—Perry described Bowser in an April Post article as "not someone I would invite to my card game.")

Perry's name was just about the only revelation to come out of Bowser's victory press conference, although she promises more transition details on Friday. Until then, we’re left with the same Zen koan Bowser-speak that won her easy double-digit victories in two elections.

In my never-ending search for information, wondered on Twitter whether Mayor-elect Bowser would change her Twitter handle:

So no, no real news about whether Bowser will change her handle.   But following the faux Bowser will surely provide at least a few laughs.

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